The Goonies

Syracuse's Hip Hop Band

Fate can be subjectively defined as the ambition of chance events.  The Goonies began as a novelty (that grew out of one such encounter) and evolved into a movement of originality and musical innovation.  With commanding songwriting, colorful blues construction, and the aggressive rhythm backing of live musicians, the Goonies combine an interesting array of band-composed music with the bravado of two distinctive MCs.  The Goonies' sound is layered with mystery, raw mastery and their delivery can only be described as frighteningly on point, dynamic, and more fun than other bands.  The mission of the Goonies' music is simple, to take the live show back to when music was fun and the crowd was the musicians' oyster.

   The Goonies
Illumination: Vocals
Clam Weezy: Vocals
Adam Fisher: Guitar
Andrew Willis: Bass
Kinyatta King: Drums

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